Date: Friday 24th March
Venue: St. James’ Church
Cost: €10
Time: 1pm
Format: Feature & Short


We Are Moving – Memories of Miss Moriarty

Director: Claire Dix
Producers: Alan Maher, Roisin Geraghty

We Are Moving – Memories of Miss Moriarty is an intimate portrait of Joan Denise Moriarty, a visionary who overcame enormous odds by doggedly following her dream of bringing ballet to every corner of Ireland. A pioneer of early 20th century Irish dance, Joan Denise Moriarty dared to create a uniquely Irish form of ballet, inspired by her love of nature and Irish folklore. Her life’s work has been largely overlooked since her death.

“Claire Dix makes great use of montage … Dix’s intension of allowing each visual and audio match to “wash over” the spectator, as a memory might …”
Grace Corry –


A Numbness in the Mouth
Writer/Director: Kevin Gaffney
Producers: Kevin Gaffney, Jacinta Lynch
‘A Numbness in the Mouth’ takes place in an Ireland of the near-future; a self-sustaining, militarized island where climate change has benefited agricultural production. A spokesperson for the government’s Ministry of Food—speaking in the Irish language—informs us that due to a record crop yield of wheat, there is a surplus of flour on the market, and the economic balance between supply and demand must be retained. To this end, rations are being enforced with each citizen requested to consume more than five pounds of flour per day.

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