Date: Friday 23rd March
Venue: The Phoenix Cinema
Cost: €15
Time: 8pm
Format: Format: Irish Feature Film and Dingle Gin Reception

Director/Writer: Frank Berry
Producers: Donna Eperon, Tristan Orpen Lynch, Aoife O’Sullivan
Starring: Dafhyd Flynn, Lalor Roddy & Moe Dunford

After agreeing to hold a bag of drugs for his friend’s older brother, Michael Healy is sentenced to three months in prison. Unaffiliated on the inside, the impressionable teen is attacked and robbed. As Michael’s life begins to change dramatically, his grandfather Francis gets an intimidating visit from local drug dealers looking for the money Michael has lost. Upon release Michael, now institutionalised into criminality, is forced to put into practice what he has learnt in prison when the dealers pay Francis another visit.

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