It’s nearly here, the 13th Dingle IFF and we have a very impressive line up this year. Opening our Festival on Thursday 21st March is WILD ROSE starring our very own Jessie Buckley. On of the BAFTA Rising Star Nominees for 2019, Jessie gives yet another outstanding performance as Rose-Lynn the mother of 2 who wants to get out of Glasgow and be a Country singer in Nashville.

Director: Tom Harper
Starring: Jessie Buckley, Julie Walters, Sophie Okonedo

“Irresistible…. In Jessie Buckley, a true star is born” Tim Robey the Telegraph

Other feature films at Dingle IFF include:

Brothers by Blood. Sisters by Name.
Director: Jacques Audiard
Starring: John C. Reilly, Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal, Riz Ahmed

Based on Patrick DeWitt’s novel, The Sisters Brothers revolves around the colorfully named gold prospector Hermann Kermit Warm, who’s being pursued across 1000 miles of 1850s Oregon desert to San Francisco by the notorious assassins Eli and Charlie Sisters. Except Eli is having a personal crisis and beginning to doubt the longevity of his chosen career. And Hermann might have a better offer.

“There’s greed, for sure, and a vein of dark comedy that the film mines with rollicking gusto”
Rolling Stones

Director: Ian FitzGibbon
Starring: Pat Shortt, Charlie Murphy, Peter Coonan, Moe Dunford, Tommy Tiernan, Jana Mohieden, Eoin Geoghan, Charlie Kelly, Aisling O’Sullivan

DARK LIES THE ISLAND is a dark comic melodrama about a family spinning out of control in a small Irish town. In this rural gothic western, two brothers try to crawl out from the shadow of their domineering father while his young wife is trapped in a whirlpool of sexual jealousy. As the story unfolds, over the course of a week, a long-standing family feud comes to a head, forcing all participants to face up to the truth.

She is the Greatest. She said it before she knew she was
Director/Writer: Carmel Winters
Starring: Hazel Doupe, Dara Devaney, Johnny Coillins, Hilda Fay, Lalor Roddy

From the producers of Once and Sing Street, FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY is a powerful and timely story of a girl’s fight for freedom and belonging. In a gender-reversal of classic
film Billy Elliot, 15-year-old Frances has to fight for the right to fight back. Raised in roadside camps in rural Ireland, Frances wants to champion her people inside the boxing ring and out, like her idol Muhammad Ali.


Directed by Grant Korgan, Geoff Callan
Closing the Festival is the European Premiere of the incredible film ‘The Push’. The Push is an inspirational documentary about the power of never giving up. Grant Korgan burst-fractured his L1 vertebrae and became the first spinal cord injured athlete to literally PUSH himself – nearly 100 miles – to the geographic South Pole.

Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the 33rd Santa Barbara International Film Festival Audience Award Best Documentary Sonoma International Film Festival
Audience Award Best Documentary American Documentary Film Festival

As always, our SHORTS PROGRAMMES punch way above our weight. We have 4 Shorts Programmes running all day Friday: Early Creatives Shorts, Documentary Shorts, A Journey of Shorts, and our 5 Out of 5 Shorts as well as our Screen Ireland Shorts – all can be found in the iconic St James’ church; along with our Kingdom Shorts Programme on Sunday.

Then we have a new element to our Shorts in our ADULTS ONLY Shorts 1 and ADULTS ONLY SHORTS 2 programmes running by night in our new Festival Hub @ McCarthys Bar on Goats Street.

This is all just a tip of the iceberg that is
Dingle International Film Festival
For a deeper look into what we do and what’s on offer, check out our website.
And keep an eye on these updates, we have more to follow….

Meanwhile book the date in your diary NOW!
Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th March

This year, true to form, Dingle IFF punch high above their weight in their documentary line-up. Dingle IFF will Platform a number of strong Irish Documentary Feature Films. We have come to expect this discernment from the Dingle IFF programming and this year does not disappoint.

First up, closing the Festival is the European Premiere of the incredible film The Push: Owning your reality is where the journey begins.  
‘The Push’ is an inspirational documentary about the power of never giving up. Grant Korgan is a world-class adventurer, nano-mechanics professional, and husband. On March 5, 2010, while filming a snowmobiling segment in the Sierra Nevada backcountry, the Lake Tahoe native burst-fractured his L1 vertebrae, and suddenly added the world of spinal cord injury recovery to his list of pursuits.

On January 17, 2012, along with two seasoned explorers, Grant attempted the insurmountable, and became the first spinal cord injured athlete to literally PUSH himself – nearly 100 miles (the final degree of latitude), to the most inhospitable place on the planet – the bottom of the globe, the geographic South Pole. Grant and his guides reached their destination on the 100th anniversary of the first explorers to travel to the South Pole. Facing brutal elements, demanding topography and presumed physical limitations are just some of the challenges they faced along the journey.

With this inspirational documentary, The Push team hopes to inspire people in all walks of life to achieve the seemingly insurmountable in their life, to push their own everyday limits, and to live their ultimate potential.

Grant took inspiration from Tom Crean books and stories shared with him by Dr. James Lynch. James Lynch, Grant Korgan and memebers of the cast and crew will all be making the journey to Dingle for the Festival and will be on hand for a Q&A session.

“I was first introduced to Irishman Tom Crean’s life story by my mentor and dear friend, Dr. James Lynch while training for our 2012 expedition to Antarctica’s South Pole” says Korgan, adding, “Looking to the early explorers for inspiration, I became intrigued by the many parallels between the life of Tom Crean and my own.  These parallels were highlighted best by a fundamental personality base-state to constantly choose positivity (regardless of scenario) over choosing negativity. It quickly became apparent to me that Tom Crean’s superpower was joy-based forward movement. On multiple expeditions, Crean was the character which enabled the critical wins, which ultimately allowed every expedition member to survive.  It was Crean’s constant singing, laughing, joking, game playing, genuine care of human beings and other living creatures, which gave him the ability to inspire a group-wide level of consistent positivity, no matter how dark the hour..“

This screening will incorporate the Gala Presentation and the European Premiere, along with all key crew being in attendance for what is expected to be a dynamic Q&A.

Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the 33rd Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Audience Award Best Documentary Sonoma International Film Festival, 
Audience Award Best Documentary American Documentary Film Festival

Screening Sunday 24th March, The Phoenix Cinema, Dingle

Another remarkable selection and one of great symmetry is that of:
directed and produced by Cathal Ó Cuaig

In 2010, the very first Físín competition was held as part of Dingle International Film Festival. The winner of that first Físín, Cathal Ó Cuaig, went on to make his film An Cluiche through the Físín prize.

Now in its 13th year, Dingle International Film Festival will run its 9th Físín competition as part of the Festival Programme in March 2019. Dingle IFF is committed and fully supportive of filmmakers and sees itself very much as a Festival for those involved in the industry. It is not surprising, then, that its clever programming will further promote Cathal who has recently completed his documentary film, ‘Slán Leis an gCeol – Farewell to Music’

“The film is namely a documentary on the musician Tony MacMahon… but is as much about mental health and BiPolar as it is about music – which I think makes it interesting to a wider audience than those interested in traditional music.” says Cathal who also states it will be “fantastic to be back in Dingle with a film – where I presented my first ever film.”

Screening Sunday 24th March, St James’ Church, Dingle (It will follow The Físín Live Pitches session in St. James’ Church)

More FANTASTIC Irish documentaries in the line up include:

Director: Brian Lally

Documentary about the Irish composer of electronic music Roger Doyle and the staging of his first electronic opera, Heresy, in Dublin in 2016. With Cathal Black, Selina Cartmell, Joe Comerford.

Funded by Screen Ireland

Screening Friday 22nd March, St James’ Church, Dingle

Director/ Producer: Niall McCann
Can a film ever truly reflect who you are? Adrian Crowley becomes a ghost visiting his own life, imagining what a documentary about himself would be like, blurring the lines between documentary and fiction, reality and imagination, subject and director.
In this meditation on storytelling and filmmaking, we ask: where do we find the true story of a person?  Is it in what they tell us, or rather in what they don’t tell us? And do they even know themselves?

“McCann is clearly a cineliterate director. He employs the best and most engaging aspects of experimental films in a way that is challenging but also very funny and lyrical. Some cuts feel like punchlines, while others work as mini-cliffhangers.” Dublin Inquirer

Screening Friday 22nd March, St James’ Church, Dingle

 Keith Walsh; Producer:Jill Beardsworth
A rural community commit their lives to memory as a new motorway ploughs onwards through their landscape, a glaring symbol of our modern age. What will remain when nature inevitably subsumes it all?

Funded by Screen Ireland

Screening Saturday 23rd March, St James’ Church, Dingle

Treasa O’ Brien
They say there are only two stories worth telling: a person goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town. This film is about a stranger who comes to make a film in the small town of Gort in the West of Ireland, and the people she meets when she holds auditions. Together, they go on a cinematic journey to explore their waking and dreaming lives. Featuring a cast of migrant workers, hippies, Travellers, blow-ins and newly arrived refugees, we are ushered into the private worlds of people living between two cultures, sharing their desires of longing and belonging.

Screening Sunday 24th March, The Phoenix Cinema, Dingle

Dingle International Film Festival runs
21-24 March 2019.

Dingle IFF are delighted to announce their selected Shorts for this years’ Festival taking place in Dingle town 21st to 24th March. Not only do we have a terrific and diverse cross section of Shorts – there is something for everyone in the mix this year – but we are also delighted to announce our exciting new Festival Hub in McCarthys Bar.

All shorts programmes are now open for bookings – book early to avoid disappointment!

Our dynamic 2019 Festival Shorts Programme is as follows:

Screen Ireland Shorts

Each year we are delighted to screen homegrown films and work with Screen Ireland to do just that.

Our 2019 Festival Programme includes an 80 mins Screen Ireland slot in St James’ Church on Saturday 23rd March including: Low Tide by Ian Hunt Duffy ; Psychic by Brendan Gleeson; The Trap by Helen Flanagan; The Vasectomy Doctor by Paul Webster (Paul was our Físín winner in 2012); Bending Glass by Suzie Keegan; Q4 Love by Antonia Campbell-Hughes; and Honest by Matthew Roche.

Our Shorts Programmes

We are screening 5 Shorts Programmes this year and all 4 can be found in our iconic St James’ Church venue in the heart of the town.

Our Shorts 1: Early Creatives – Student Shorts a programme with 7 short films made by Students from home and abroad. This programme will give you an insight into what film students are currently producing and just who you may have to keep an eye out for in the future – you saw them first in Dingle! Time To Stand by Patrick Maxwell, Ireland; Pathways by Cian O’Connor, Dingle, Ireland; What Betty Sees by Colleen Forward, UK; The Last Miner by Luke Brabazon, Ireland; Recovery by Siofra Quinn Gates and Renate Canga, Ireland; Backwater by Brendan McCallion, Ireland and Jass by Meg Elwood, Ireland.

Our Shorts 2: Documentary is a programme which screens the best of our documentary submissions and includes a total of 8 short films submitted into us worldwide. This carefully adjudicated programme includes: Ramón; Notes From A Beekeeper by Hilary Kennedy, UK; The Sheriff of Goodtimes by Brad Hinkle, USA; Johnny by Hugh Rodgers, Ireland; Somewhere, Somebody, Who Look After Critters by Sarah Ingersoll, Ireland; The Estuary by Carl Dixon, Ireland; You Can, You Can’t by Brendan Toole, Australia; Shed Men by Kirsty Conway.

Our Shorts 3 Programme: A Journey of Shorts is a mix of Shorts which take their protagonists on very particular journeys and which are taken from our submissions these include: Mr Punchbag by Shirit Kedar, Gavin O’ Brien and Frank Burke, UK; There Are No Dividends by Joe Haughey, UK; Just Today by Aislinn Belot, UK; Róisín Dubh by Sarah-Jane Drummey (Tralee/LA); All In Good Time by Bonnie Dempsey, Ireland; Slurp by Florent Hill, France and The Peanut Seller by Etienne Sievers, Germany.

Our Shorts 4: 5 out of 5 Programme platforms Shorts selected which scored 5/5 on our submissions platform. These are an exceptional collection of Short Films and include: Aeroplanes by Paul Shammasian, UK; The 1st by Mark Waites, UK; A Modest Defeat by David Barr, UK; Early Days by Nessa Wrafter, UK; Runaway by Alan Daly, Ireland; Sasha of the Sea by Sammy Nutt, Ireland; and Mercury by Kyla Simone Bruce, UK.

Our Kingdom Shorts Programme platforms Shorts selected which have been made in Kerry or have a Kerry subject. The selected films are; Damned Peace by Eoghan Hand (Tralee and with Moya Farrelly and Elaine Kennedy, Dingle); Báite by Mary Keane (with Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh); Tulaigh Bheag Woods by Mark Riordan (Killorglin); Bridget’s Inferno by Joe O’Neill; A Walk In My Shoes by Zoe Uí Fhaoláin Green (Baile an Fheirtéaraigh); Voices of Namhóg (with Breanndán Begley & Liam Holden, Dingle Peninsula); A Mist That Clears by Shay Nolan (Killarney); Nuns Beach Ballybunion by John Ryle (Tralee).

Adults Only Programme
Our new Adults Only programme will be running over 2 nights during our Festival and will be screened in our exciting new Festival Hub in McCarthys Bar. These specially selected shorts programmes include submissions especially suited to our older audience. Keep your eyes open for these screenings in our Festival Programme; Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd March.

Adults Only 1 Films include: Detainment by Vincent Lambe, Ireland; Knock at the Door by Michael Constable, UK; I Saw Myself by Kevin Littlewood, Ireland; Lock & Key by Eamonn Hearns, UK; Angels Guard Thee by Robert Higgins and Patrick McGivney, Ireland; Caged by Mark Nugent, UK; Her Name Is… by Claire Byrne and Lydia McGuinness, Ireland; and Under Growth by Evin O’Neill, Ireland.

Adults Only 2 Films include: I Didn’t… I Wasn’t… I Amn’t…(an-unromantic comedy) by Laoisa Sexton, Ireland; All Cock & No Bull by James Callis, USA; Sex Ed by Alice Seabright, UK; The Elvis Parking Method by Adam O’Keefe, Ireland; The Family Way by Nuno Bernardo, Ireland; and A Film About Sandhoppers by Nicholas Keogh, Ireland.

So, all in all, many shorts not to be missed and something for everyone!

All shorts will be in competition for our Audience Choice Award


We are delighted to announce that Festival Director, Maurice Galway received an Ambassador of Ireland Award last Friday night.  The Award comes from Fáilte Ireland and is an acknowledgement to all those who have worked hard at bringing guests into Ireland.


Fáilte Ireland commended the efforts of its 1,000 strong team of Conference Ambassadors, including leading academics and industry experts, who have collectively brought over 1,500 international conferences worth €766.5m to Irish shores to date.

Fáilte Ireland honoured 83 of its leading Conference Ambassadors at an award ceremony at Christ Church Cathedral. The recipients – from a variety of backgrounds, including academia, medical science, technology, environment, and culture amongst others – were nominated for an award by the Irish conference and meetings industry.

Congratulations Maurice Galway!

MEX_Dingle_2019 header


Submissions are now invited for single-channel film works from visual artists in Ireland, and from the Dingle peninsula especially, who work in this field. 

We are very excited to announce that Dingle International Film Festival in partnership with the MExIndex will exhibit a selection of visual artists’ moving images in a cinema context for their 13th Film Festival in 2019.

This will be a curated programme of visual art films from artists working in Ireland and artists connected to the Dingle peninsula. Creating a cinematic experience for moving image in this context will give a wider audience the opportunity to experience moving image works by visual artists.

The closing date for submissions will be noon on the 9th November 2018. There is no entry fee. Selected artists will be notifed by November 30th.
Dingle International Film Festival will take place March 21-24 2019.
The works will be selected by a MExIndex selection panel.

Selected artists will be paid VAI approved fees and will be invited as guests with full festival accreditation and 1 night’s accommodation in Dingle.
A digital cinema package of the selected artist’s work will be made and screened in the Phoenix Cinema during Dingle IFF 2019. The screening will be followed by a moderated Q&A with the attending visual artists.
Submitting artists will also be considered for inclusion on MExIndex online database.

Selected artists will need to be able to supply a QUICKTIME compatible file with preference for the higher quality ProRes codecs of their work to the festival. With the assistance of EGG Post Production, the Festival will make a DCP for cinema exhibition with this file.

The Festival is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and by EGG Post Production and the MExIndex is supported by Kildare County Council.

Fifi Smith, Director, MExIndex at or on 087 9089538

Maurice Galway, Dingle International Film Festival Director at or on 087 9139962
Artists interested in submitting to this programme can do so by filling in and submitting the application form here 




Dingle International Film Festival is not only for Short filmmakers.  Dingle IFF are the only Film Festival offering the impressive cash prize of €5,000 PLUS the use of €2,000 worth of equipment hire from Vast Valley with our Físín competition.


Físín is singular to Dingle IFF.  It is an Irish scriptwriting competition, whereby scripts in Irish are entered into competition.  There are 3 stages to the competition.  In the first stage entries are submitted, simply your script idea for a film in any genre; in the second stage up to 10 script ideas are selected and the entrants take part in a mentoring weekend, where they are coached and advised in how to work on their scripts and their production; coaches include the very successful film writer and director Gerard Stembridge. Accommodation is provided. The final stage takes place over the Festival weekend where 5 successful entrants pitch live in Irish to the judges. All 5 finalists, receive full accreditation to attend the festival and are presented with handcrafted, bespoke leatherbound notebooks made for Dingle IFF by local craftsman Conor Holden and the winner is expected to return the following year with the finished film.


Overall, Físín is a remarkable opportunity for anyone wishing to make film through the Irish language and one not to be passed over lightly.


Dingle IFF are open for Físín submissions now.  For more information please go to:


Dingle International Film Festival 2019 is Open For Submissions!


blasket square 2019

Dingle International Film Festival is delighted to announce that it is now open for submissions from short film makers.

Each year Dingle IFF receives hundreds of submissions from short filmmakers, from which it will select its prestigious Shorts Programmes. Slots in these programmes are coveted and not easy to come by. The adjudication process for films submitted is rigorous, but filmmakers who submit can be confident that their work is seen by not only the Festival Director, Maurice Galway but also his carefully selected fellow adjudicators. In the past these adjudicators have included successful film critic John Maguire and Soho House’s highly regarded Mandy Kean.

This is what makes getting your Short accepted into Dingle IFF something that every Short filmmaker who is serious about their craft should aspire to.

Dingle IFF prides itself too on how well it looks after its filmmakers and the exhibition of their film. Accepted Short filmmakers can expect to be given access to the full Festival Programme. Their work will be exhibited in the unique St. James’ Church with full HD facilitates.

As well as running a full and dynamic programme of screenings, Dingle IFF also hosts our unique Pow Wow event out on the beautiful Dingle Peninsula. Now in its third year, the Pow Wow event brings together industry experts and upcoming filmmakers together in a symbiotic platform where stories, expertise, advice and experiences are shared. Through the Chinwag and Banter sessions upcoming filmmakers may chat informally to film and TV directors, writers, actors and editors. All selected short filmmakers are given the opportunity to book their place at Pow Wow for free.

It’s the audience who decide the best short at our festival, the winner is announced at the close of the festival.


To submit your Short and be part of the conversations in Dingle, go to

Dingle International Film Festival is a Continuing Success.Camino Voyage


Professionals and film enthusiasts met again at the annual Dingle International Film Festival. The 12th instalment offered extraordinary screenings and a diverse programme from the 22nd to 25th March. Over the four days, the festival welcomed over 2,000 visitors from countries Ireland and all around the world.


Local and international projects combined offered guests a global perspective of the film and television industry, while entertaining them from morning to night. World premieres, workshops and celebrity Q&As were all part of the hugely successful festival.


Dingle IFF rewards contributors to film and television every year. The Audience Choice Awards supported by Soho House were presented by festival director Maurice Galway before the world premiere of Keepers of the Flame on Sunday 25th. An award was allocated for Best Audience Choice Feature and Best Audience Choice Short. There were 60 short films voted on by the public.


Best Audience Choice Feature winner went to THE CAMINO VOYAGE directed by Dónal Ó Céilleachair and Best Audience Choice Short went to TIME TRAVELLER directed by Steve Kenny.

Físin winner Tristan Heanue was also announced by Paul Webster (Físin Winner 2012) at the closing of the festival. Físin is the only competition that offers an award for Irish script. Tristan received a cash prize of €5,000, and €2,000 worth of filming equipment from Vast Valley Ltd.


The festival congratulates these deserving winners and looks forward to their future projects.


Irish film was very strongly represented this year at the festival. The opening feature film, screened in the beautiful Phoenix Cinema, The Camino Voyage sold out weeks before it’s Dingle premiere. Due to demand, the festival screened the film again on Sunday 25th to another sold out audience.  


“My wish for this film is that it will be seen as a celebration of, not only this historical voyage that this crew has made, but also a celebration of Danny’s life.”

Director Dónal Ó Céilleachair

The film was received by a spellbound audience  on both occasions – enchanted, inspired and ultimately very deeply moved.  

The world premiere of Keepers of the Flame closed the festival with a gala reception. This sold out screening was followed with a Q&A hosted by Philip King, with the director Nuala O’ Connor, co-writer, Diarmaid Ferriter and crew from the film taking questions. The feature length documentary tells the universal story of generations dealing with the consequences of war and civil war; of what is remembered and what is forgotten.

I feel very honoured and so delighted to have Keepers of the Flame receive its premiere at Dingle International Film Festival, which is very close to my heart. I have lived and worked in the area for the past 20 years. Diarmaid Ferriter’s family roots are deep in West Kerry, which makes this is a huge privilege.Nuala O’Connor.

Highly anticipated screenings of Irish films Michael Inside and ‘Black ’47 (fully sold out) were introduced by their directors Frank Berry and Lance Daly. Barry Keoghan was also in town to present Black ‘47, along with a public interview at our second Pow-Wow event in The Blasket Centre.


Both The Silver Branch and Song of Granite were presented by their directors Katrina Costello and Pat Collins respectively to captive and enthusiastic audiences.  Pat Collins also participated in an intimate Q&A in the setting of St James’ Church with festival director Maurice Galway.


Seán Mac an tSíthigh from West Kerry presented an archive of his work from the last decade. A largely local audience showed their appreciation of Seán with resounding applause throughout the presentation. Seán provides provincial, national and international news for TG4 and RTÉ. The video journalist works alone, combining the skills of reporter, camera operator and editor. Seán presented a newsreel of selected national and international reports and gave a highly engaging Q&A to the audience hosted by Aodh Ó Coileáin. The admission for this fully booked out event was donated to Camp Hill Charity.


Pow Wow

Dingle Pow-Wow was an inspirational day with incredible insights into the industry of film and television being shared by our many contributors.  The day was resplendant, with the sun falling across the Blasket islands, inspiring one and all to enter completely into the Banter and Chinwags.


Guests of note included:


  • Michael Uppendahl, director of Ray Donovan, Mad Men, Fargo, American Horror Story and The Walking Dead.
  • Paula Malcomson, actress in A.I. Artificial Intelligence (Steven Spielberg), Ray Donovan, The Hunger Games, The Green Mile.
  • Paul McGann, actor in Withnail & I, The Monocled Mutineer, Doctor Who, Hornblower.
  • Jill Eikenberry, actress in L.A. Law, Hill Street Blues,  Something Borrowed, Young Adult.
  • Michael Tucker, actor in L.A. Law, Hill Street Blues, The Purple Rose of Cairo directed by Woody Allen.


On Sunday, The Way was screened to raise funds for the much-needed repairs of St. James’ Church and earlier those interested participated in the guided Pilgrim Path Walk with Bill Hanlon leaving from Ventry Beach.

Dingle IFF proudly showcased Kerry talent this year and the special programme, Kingdom Shorts, featured filmmakers from Dingle itself. It was yet another memorable occasion as crowds came to pack out the event to support their local filmmakers.


The festival welcomed acclaimed foreign films, LUX Prize winners Sami Blood and Western. For the first time, and unique to Dingle IFF, these films were shown with Irish and English subtitles.

Dingle IFF prides itself on introducing new and innovative events. Wonda VR and VIMFF were welcomed to County Kerry for the first time. Wonda VR Masterclass, supported by The French Embassy of Ireland, demonstrated their latest technology on Friday with a day long workshop.  The Embassy also supported screenings of Ava and Redoubtable. As part of their international tour, VIMFF’s Best of the Fest was screened on Sunday. The shorts celebrate the outdoors and mountaineering from all around the world.


The festival’s family screenings were a huge success. On Saturday 24th at the Christmas in Dingle event, Angela’s Christmas and a collection of shorts from Brown Bag films were screened. Children were then introduced to Santa Claus who gave each child a free toy from Disney Ireland & UK.


On Sunday 25th, Kid’s Adventure screened the wonderful adaptation of Going on a Bear Hunt accompanied by the short 2 Balloons. The audience showed off their familiarity and delight with the story when they joined in with a special reading of the book before the event and then left clasping their own adventure activity sheets, heading out exploring into the sunshine.

With another year down, Dingle IFF are thrilled with success of this year’s festival. We would like to thank everyone who participated: our funders Bord Scannán na hEireann/ The Irish Film Board, Údarás na Gaeltachta, Ealaín na Gaeltachta, The Arts Council, Screen Training Ireland, Kerry County Council; our sponsors Tor Cotton, Vast Valley Ltd, Marc Flanagan, Brian de Staic, Dingle Distillery and Soho House; our cultural partners The European Parliament, The French Embassy, Institut Francais and Institute Technology Tralee; our media partners Spin South West; our patrons and most of all our audiences and guests.



Dingle International Film Festival are preparing for their annual event, scheduled to take place next week, 22 – 25 March 2018. As we dive into St. Patrick’s weekend, we are proud to promote the extraordinary Irish talent that will be showcased this year.

Here is our full listing of our Irish features:

Black ’47 – Feature Film
Feeney (James Frecheville) is an Irish ranger who has been fighting abroad for the British army. After turning deserter, he returns home to Ireland during the famine. When he discovers what has happened to his family, Feeney swears vengeance and goes on a murderous rampage. His old British army comrade Hannah (Hugo Weaving) is dispatched to try and put an end to Feeney’s uprising.

Gala Screening with Dingle Distillery Reception.

Director Lance Daly and actor Barry Keoghan will attend.
8pm on Saturday 24th March at the Phoenix Cinema. Click here for tickets.

Keepers of the Flame – World Premiere
Keepers of the Flame, the new feature-length documentary by Emmy Award winner Nuala O’Connor, in her feature directorial debut. Keepers of the Flame tells the universal story of generations dealing with the consequences of war and civil war; of what is remembered and what is forgotten.

Keepers of the Flame delves into the archives of the Irish Military Service Pensions and what emerges is a truly personal retelling of a brutal and divisive period in the birth of a nation and the devastating legacy it left in its wake, for the individuals who took part and their families who suffered long after the fighting ended. More than 85,000 applied for the Irish Military Service Pension. Just over 18,000 received any payment.

Gala Screening with Dingle Distillery Reception.

Director/Writer Nuala O’Connor, Writer Diarmaid Ferriter, Executive Producer, Philip King, Producer Tina O’Reilly, DOP Colm Hogan will attend the screening for a Q&A.
7.30pm on Sunday 25th March at the Phoenix Cinema. Click here for tickets.

Michael Inside – Feature Film
IFTA award winning feature directed by Frank Berry.
After agreeing to hold a bag of drugs for his friend’s older brother, Michael Healy is sentenced to three months in prison. Unaffiliated on the inside, the impressionable teen is attacked and robbed. As Michael’s life begins to change dramatically, his grandfather Francis gets an intimidating visit from local drug dealers looking for the money Michael has lost. Upon release Michael, now institutionalised into criminality, is forced to put into practice what he has learnt in prison when the dealers pay Francis another visit.

Gala Screening with Dingle Distillery Reception.

Director Frank Berry will attend.
8pm on Friday 23rd March at the Phoenix Cinema. Click here for tickets.

The Camino Voyage – Feature Film
Dedicated to the memory of Domhnall Mac Síthigh (1951-2017).

Due to popular demand, Dingle IFF have announced a second screening of this extraordinary documentary. An epic 2,500 km modern day celtic odyssey, The Camino Voyage/Iomramh an Chamino is directed by Dónal Ó Céilleachair.
Five men demonstrate the courage, endurance and friendship required to complete the historic voyage. This documentary features Breanndán ó Beagaloich, Glen Hansard, Liam Holden, Brendan-Pháid ó Muircheartaigh and poet Domhnall Mac Síthigh.

12pm on Sunday 25th March at the Phoenix Cinema. Click here for tickets.

(Opening night screening is sold out)

Seán Mac an tSíthigh – Presentation
The West Kerry native will present an archive of his work from the last decade. Seán provides provincial, national and international news for TG4 and RTÉ. The video journalist works alone, combining the skills of reporter, camera operator and editor. He has also captured and edited impressive news items using only his mobile phone. Before joining RTÉ, the reporter completed a masters in place names and folklore in UCC and spent a period working as a heritage officer in the Iveragh Gaeltacht. His unique style of news storytelling has earned him numerous awards, including the European reporters’ cup and the prestigious CIRCOM European regional television awards.

Seán will present a newsreel of selected reports. We can expect fascinating local news stories that have included, digging sheep out of snow, major storm events and artists painting with cow dung; intimate portraits of fascinating characters with remarkable stories; international reports, from gun laws in America’s ‘deep south’ to the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean.

Director Aodh Ó Coileáin will chair the Q&A with Seán Mac an tSíthigh.

7pm on Friday 23rd March at St. James’ Church. Click here for tickets

Kissing Candice – Feature Film
Producer Andrew Freedman will introduce the the Film.

Both written and directed by McArdle, the film stars the IFTA-nominated Ann Skelly as Candice, a 17-year-old who longs to escape the boredom of her seaside town, only finding solace in her vivid imagination. When a boy she dreams about turns up in real life, she becomes increasingly entangled with a dangerous local gang. Filmed under the Irish Film Board’s Catalyst Scheme, Aoife McArdle’s stylish debut feature centres around a small Irish seaside community.

5pm on Saturday 24th March at the Phoenix Cinema. Click here for tickets.

The Song of Granite – Feature Film
Acclaimed filmmaker Pat Collins brings the dramatic life story of legendary sean-nós singer Joe Heaney—an audacious exploration of the man and his music. With an approach that marries traditional narrative episodes with documentary footage, the film will celebrate the music Joe Heaney created while painting an unflinching portrait of Heaney, the man.
“Pat Collin’s Irish-language feature is awkward, original and surprising throughout.” – Donald Clarke, Irish Times

8.30pm on Saturday 24th March at St. James’ Church. Click here for tickets.

Lost & Found – Feature Film
Film will be introduced by director Liam O Mochain
Lost & Found is a feature film with seven interconnecting stories set in and around a lost & found office of an Irish train station.  All segments are inspired by true stories, share a theme of something lost or found and characters that come in and out of each other’s lives.

Gustav – Short Film with feature
Will is a young man with a bright future. He has a good job and a loving girlfriend.  He wakes up one morning with a strange tune in his head. But what is it? And where did it come from? The tune continues unrelentingly into his working day, until Will is forced to take drastic action.  He has no choice, he must sleep!

8.30pm on Friday 23rd March at St. James’ Church. Click here for tickets for Lost and Found and Gustav.

The Silver Branch – Feature Film
The Silver Branch is an uplifting and emotional celebration of people and place. It captures the delicacy of the natural world; the heart and soul of a Burren farmer-poet, Patrick McCormack and the ancient rural spirit of Ireland which stands behind him.

The story is centred around Patrick and the land he farms, a place where Mesolithic tombs, famine villages and present day small rocky fields are like jewels telling of our long human story on these hills.

Patrick longs to farm in the quite pace his ascendants did. But his life gains a different momentum when he’s called to Battle in the Supreme courts to decide on the fate of this iconic wilderness.

Native – Short Film with feature
An emigrant returns to his native land after many years abroad in search of the family and home he had left in his youth. The film stars Patrick Bergin (Sleeping with the Enemy).

Director Katrina Costello and Producer Ken O’Sullivan of The Silver Branch will be in attendance, along with Native Director Linda Bhreathnach and Producer Marina Donahue.

6.30pm on Saturday 24th March at St. James’ Church. Click here for tickets for The Silver Branch and Native.

Butterfly City – Feature Film
Film will be introduced by director.

Director Olga Černovaitė and Irish producer Jeremiah Cullinane collaborated to produce this feature documentary on the Lithuanian city of Visaginas. Both will attend the screening.
In the 1970’s, the city was created to service a powerful Soviet nuclear power station, designed and shaped like the wings of a butterfly. It was intended to be a window of Soviet progress to the West. After USSR disintegration, EU membership meant Lithuania had to close the plant, the city’s main industry. 25,000 Russian-speaking townspeople were left with an uncertain future.

4.45pm on Saturday 24th March at St. James’ Church. Click here for tickets.

Físín Event
Dingle International Film Festival offers an open invitation for submissions of a short film proposal in the Irish language. This is the only event in Ireland that offers rewards for Irish scriptwriting. The project targets and encourages filmmaking in Irish. The competition has a cash prize of €5,000 to the overall winner. The winner will also receive €2,000 worth of film equipment hire from Vast Valley Ltd. Vast Valley Ltd. provide equipment and support for feature films, TV drama and commercials. They supply cameras, lenses, accessories and grip equipment.

Rachaidh an bua-phits ar aghaidh chun a scannán a dhéanamh le duais airgid €5,000 mar aon le luach €2,000 d’fheara scannánaíochta ó Vast Valley. Ba mhaith linn buíochas a ghabháil chomh maith le Gerard Stembridge agus le Brenda Ní Shúilleabháin as Deireadh Seachtaine Forbartha Físín a riaradh i mí na Samhna, agus gan amhras lenár bpainéal measúnaithe, Nuala O’Connor, Marina Ní Dhubháin, Paul Webster agus Ciara McKenna.

10am on Sunday 25th March at John Benny Moriarty’s. This is a free event. Click here for tickets.

Dingle International Film Festival would like to thank Bord Scannán Na hÉireann/The Irish Film Board  and Screen Training Ireland for their continued support.



Animation Dingle Festival are proud to announce a weekend filled of family entertainment. The annual festival will take place from 22 – 25 March 2018. From dazzling originals to enchanting adaptations, children and parents alike will have a variety of screenings and events to attend.


Christmas in Dingle
St. James’ Church will be dressed out with a Christmas tree and Santa will also attend this very special screening of Angela’s Christmas from Brown Bag Films, an animated Christmas family film based on the children’s book Angela & The Baby Jesus by Pulitzer Prize winner Frank McCourt. Angela is a bright, compassionate and imaginative six-year-old girl, who worries that the Baby Jesus will be cold in the manger in the church.

Determined to bring him home to warm up, she sets off on a humorously heart-pounding adventure through the gas-lit streets of Limerick on Christmas Eve. When Angela’s mother finds the Baby Jesus tucked up in Angela’s bed, she marches Angela and the family back to church, where they find the priest and a policeman searching for the Baby.

There will be a series of Christmas themed animated shorts also from Brown Bag Films including the Oscar nominated classic Give Up Yer Aul Sins.

Santa Claus will be flying in from the North Pole to meet the children and deliver an early Christmas present from Disney.

Click HERE for tickets.


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt
Based on the bestselling children’s book by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury,  We’re Going on a  Bear  Hunt  follows siblings Stan, Katie, Rosie, Max, the baby, and Rufus the dog, who decide one day to go on an adventure through whirling snowstorms, oozing mud, and dark forests in search of  bears. But when Rosie and Rufus become separated from the rest of the family, it turns out that  bear-hunting  is a bit more challenging than they expected!

The screening includes a special reading of the beloved children’s book and an activity sheet.

Two Balloons
Screening with We’re Going on a  Bear  Hunt, this beautifully animated short film sees two travellers return to a place crossed by stars and clouds, where love is at the beginning of everything.

Click HERE for tickets.


For more information regarding this Animation Dingle event, check out the festival website.

Bookings can be made online or directly from the box office:
+353 85 177 4754

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