Venue: Ionad an Bhlascaoid Mhóir
Date: Friday 14th March
Time: 10am – 4.30pm
Cost: €25 for the day (€20 AOPs & Unemployed) Includes lunch or €6 per film

A selection of Donal Walsh “Live Life” winning films will also be screened on the day. A selection of 2min films which went on to be winners in competition run by The Creative Media Depart in IT Tralee and The Donal Walsh LIVELIFE foundation.

A panel discussion will take place with each of the filmmakers following the 3 screenings


Dingle International Film welcomes you to our day of stories, stories that need to be told. Each film is it’s own story—-stories of hope and possibilities, stories of people determined to make positive changes in their own lives and the lives of those around them. As a Festival our hope is that we can help spread the message of each of these films featured here today and that we can promote a conversation that challenges the status quo and help find new solutions.

These stories are about our human spirit and the desire for dignity, meaning and respect and igniting our sense of infinite possibilities. Life is about change let these stories help shape that change. We hope you enjoy the Films, Stories that need to be told……reasons to be bold.

This is year one in what we aim will continue and grow each year. For 2015 the festival is considering films that deal with environment issues and will be sending out a call for these films in late 2014.

The features are:

Another Way Home

58mins/2012/Ireland/Colour/Blu Ray

Director/Writer/Producer Michael Twomey
Narrator: Jeremy Irons

When a young girl’s life is thrown into darkness her mother turns fear into an energy that changes their lives and the lives of many others. This is the incredible story of how the stigma of mental illness was broken, how a family challenged the psychiatric system, facing down prejudice, bigotry and public protest. It’s a story about the triumph of will, a lust for life and the right to live it with dignity.

Under the Hood

75mins/2013/Colour/Ireland-Lithuania/Blu Ray

Directed by Mark Byrne and Rob Dennis

Alexander Lukashenko describes himself as a man of the people, nicknamed bat’ka (father) by his fellow Belarusians. His critics call him the last dictator in Europe.

A former Soviet military officer and collective farm manager, Lukashenko first was elected president of this former Soviet republic of 10 million people in 1994. Since then he has expanded his powers, abolished presidential term limits and three times won re-election in hotly disputed landslides. He also has been accused of involvement in deaths and disappearances of opposition leaders dating back to the late 1990s. Elections are seen as fraudulent formalities, and the resulting demonstrations inevitably meet with brutal response. Still, bat’ka remains popular in Belarus, particularly among pensioners and villagers, and it’s unclear whether he would lose even a free and fair election. Many Belarusians see him as a strong leader who has maintained stability and an extensive social safety net in this landlocked nation bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Where There’s A Well

79Mins/2013/Colour/Ire/Blu Ray

Directed by Tommy Flavin

A documentary following the journey of a water pump from factory to village in Malawi, Africa, exploring the impact clean water has on communities and individuals as they work to improve their lives.

The water pumps are provided by Wells For Zoe, a Dublin-based charity run by a retired couple from Lucan. Frustrated at the failings of large, multinational charities, they decided to “do something” about the water situation in Malawi and ended up unwittingly pioneering a radical new model for how aid can work in Africa. Packed with mad characters, amazing imagery and with a soundtrack from the gospel choirs of Malawi, Where There’s A Well… is about so much more than water- it’s about hope.

The film is directed by Tommy Flavin, a 20 year-old DIT student. It is entirely self-funded, the majority of the budget coming from Communion money he had saved in the Post Office.  Previously, Tommy has directed numerous short films as part of Ted’s Beard! Productions which have been shown internationally and won many awards.

In addition to dealing with water, the film highlights the amazing grassroots women’s rights movement happening across the country and delivers a strong challenge to the current, corporate model of aid in Africa, providing a compelling alternative in the form of the low-cost, “teach a man to fish” approach of Wells For Zoe.

Timetable for the day

10am Welcome Tea/coffee

10.20am Intro to the day


Feature will screen with ‘Donal Walsh LIVE LIFE’ Winning Secondary School Film Escape from Pobailscoil Inbhear Scéine, Kenmare

11.30 break


Feature will screen with ‘Donal Walsh LIVE LIFE’ Winning National School Film Live Life & Learn from Spa National School, Tralee

1.00 lunch break (day ticket covers lunch)


Feature will screen wit ‘Donal Walsh LIVE LIFE’ Winning Third Level Film Love Life & Live It by Eimear O’ Grady

15.20 break

15.45– 16.30 Discussion & Q&A with each of the filmmakers

Our thanks to The Creative media Department in The ITT for The ‘Donal Walsh LIVE LIFE’ films and to Dairymaster who sponsored the LIVE LIFE competition.

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