Date: Friday 22nd March
Venue: St. James’ Church
Cost: €8.00
Time: 5.00pm (75mins15secs)
Format: Shorts

Zaida Bergroth | Finland | 2018 | 9 mins | Subtitled
On the theme of sustainability. Supported by European Commission Representation in Ireland

Director: Paul Shammasian
Writer: Kirsty Osman
Producer: Gabriela Barrios

When a young woman loses her mother in a plane crash, she impulsively steals an unaccompanied child in a desperate attempt to fill both his life and hers with purpose.

The 1st
Director, Writer: Mark Waites
Producers: Theo Barrowclough, Shabana Mansuri

A first-time director has one day in which to capture thirty seconds of film. What can possibly go wrong? Everything if you believe your First Assistant Director to be cursed.

A Modest Defeat
Director, Writer: David Barr
Producers: Jack Goodwin, Chris Foggin

It’s civil war in suburbia between two young siblings. Big brother Tommy never plays fair, but eight-year-old Tiny has an elaborate plan up her sleeve and a faultless determination to put things right.

Early Days
Director, Writer: Nessa Wrafter
Producer: Clancie Brennan

Though Kate knows she’s lucky to have become a mother, and her instincts toward her baby are fiercely protective, post-natal trauma and hallucinations make the world increasingly hard to bear. Can anything pull her back to reality — before it’s too late?

Director, Writer, Producer: Alan Daly

An eight-year-old boy leaves home early one morning to fulfil a fantasy.

Sasha Of The Sea
Director: Sammy Nut
Writer: Maire Campbell
Producer: Joan Burney Keatings MBE

Growing up along the rugged coastline of Northern Ireland, all young Sasha wants is to spend her days on the water. However, her fondness for the sea is tested when her father goes missing in a fishing accident and her world comes crashing down – opening her eyes to the greater meanings of life and love. And of course, how we all need a loyal friend like Roxy.

Director: Kyla Simone Bruce
Writer: Gorana Jovsnovic
Producers: Ohna Falby, Lilly Ashton

Bambi drives her very pregnant best-friend Al to hospital to have her baby. They’ve decided that she’s not going to keep it. Al’s mood darkens as the inevitable and irreversible reality sinks in.


Electricity customers will play a central role in the transition to an all-electric future. Only by understanding and responding to their needs and behaviours will it be possible to create the energy system of the future.  ESB Networks have chosen the Dingle Peninsula as the location for a highly innovative three-year project which will see the deployment of new technologies to assist us in understanding the development of a smart, resilient, low-carbon energy network of the future. This short video explains how we are going to do that.

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