Date: Friday 22nd March
Venue: St. James’ Church
Cost: €8.00
Time: 3.00pm
Format: Shorts

The Living Hostel
Matthias Hoene | Germany | 2018 | 9 mins | Subtitled
On the theme of mobility. Supported by European Commission Representation in Ireland

Mr Punchbag
Directors: Shirit Kedar, Frank Burke, Gavin O’Brien
Writers, Producers: Shirit Kedar, Frank Burke

In the backstreets of inner-city London, a broken man exists as a human punchbag for hire.

There Are No Dividends
Directors: Joe Haughey
Writers: Joe Haughey
Producers: Paul Schleiecher, Amy Tuckwell

Darren Hobbs, entrepreneur, wants manual workers to be able to compete with the robots in the forthcoming automation revolution, so one day he sneaks into a fancy hotel conference room to conduct a careers day under the banner of his newly formed company: Unique Automation Consultants

Just Today
Director, Writer: Aislinn Belot
Producers: Aislinn Belot, Cameron Strachan, Reece steel

A working class 24-year-old single mum living in Glasgow decides not to go into work and spends the day with her 7-year-old daughter wanting to escape her reality. A contrast between the innocence of a child and the harsh reality of a mother. A beautiful and intimate relationship between a mother and daughter.

Róisin Dubh
Director, Writer: Sarah-Jane Drummey
Producers: Sarah-Jane Drummey, Eliam Kraiem, Bobby T. Lewis

In a future that looks a lot like the past, a man old enough to remember an Ireland where the rivers ran free, encounters a woman and a child on their way to the ship that may prove to be their only hope of salvation.

All In Good Time
Director: Bonnie Dempsey
Writer: Rodney Lee
Producers: Bonnie Dempsey, David O’Sullivan, Una Shinners

A comic fantasy about two children, one in 1918, the other in 2018, who magically communicate across time through messages in a bottle and help solve each other’s problems.

Director, Writer, Producer: Florent Hill

Grandson tries to fix an annoying eating habit his grandmother has.

The Peanut Seller
Director, Writer, Producer: Etienne Sievers

An orphaned young ragpicker battling isolation and poverty in the streets of New Delhi tries to locate the one man capable of helping him find his mother.

ESB Networks


ESB Networks have chosen the Dingle Peninsula as the location for a highly innovative three-year project which will see the deployment of new technologies to assist us in understanding the development of a smart, resilient, low-carbon energy network of the future. This short video explains how we are going to do that.

You will have to opportunity to see this short promotional film at our other shorts screenings on Friday 22nd also. Thank you to ESB Networks for their support!


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