Date: Saturday 23rd March
Venue: McCarthy's Bar
Cost: €8.00
Time: 7.30pm (83mins27secs)
Format: Shorts (Adults Only)

I didn’t… I wasn’t… I amn’t… (an un-romantic comedy)
Director, Writer: Laoisa Sexton
Producer: Ten thousand hour films

Against all sound advice from her bossy boss, Bee falls for the charms of a smooth-talking, wealthy older man- but is she out of her depth? And how far will she go to get what she wants?
A social realistic, dark blue un-romantic comedy, about the social contract of the human endeavour between men and women in the paradox of modern life.

All Cock and No Bull
Director, Writer: James Callis
Producers: James Callis, Mike De Trana

Relaxing in your backyard is one thing. Relaxing naked in your backyard with an old friend is something else entirely and may have consequences.

Sex Ed
Director: Alice Seabright
Writers: Alice Seabright, Mark Weinmann
Producer: Anna Hargreaves

Ed teaches Sex Education in schools, a job he usually loves. But today, it’s the last thing he wants to do.

The Elvis Parking Method
Director: Adam O’Keeffe
Writers, Producers: Adam O’Keeffe, Ed Creative

When an ex-couple meet for the final time to exchange the last of their possessions, a series of awkward events leaves them with a choice to make.

The Family Way
Director: Nuno Bernardo
Writer, Producer: Roisin Kearney

A family is thrown into turmoil when a positive pregnancy test is found in the bathroom drawer.
Mother and daughter Julia and Ruth get their pregnancy tests mixed up when they both hide them in the bathroom. They set out to discreetly buy pregnancy tests in their small Irish suburban town, but are thwarted at every turn, bumping into people they know. Word spreads and friends and neighbors turn up at their home to find out the ‘news’ from distressed dad Robert.

A Film About Sandhoppers
Director: Nicholas Keogh

A modern love story masquerading as nature documentary.

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