Date: Friday 23rd March
Venue: St. James’ Church
Cost: €10
Time: 10.15pm
Format: Feature Film

Director: Jennifer Lebeau
Starring: Bob Dylan, Mary Elizabeth Bridges, Michael Shannon, Tim Drummond

Arena is proud to present Bob Dylan’s Trouble No More. In 1979, Dylan declared to the world that he had become a born-again Christian. His fans were baffled and not for the first time. He toured relentlessly, performing only songs that expressed his Christian message. One of the gigs was filmed but never shown. Forty years later, the film was brought out of the vaults. There was a suggestion that it might merit a documentary. Dylan objected and recommended the commissioning of sermons to be preached between the songs instead. New York writer, Luc Sante was commissioned to compose them; Oscar nominated Michael Shannon was cast as the preacher and Jennifer LeBeau was invited to direct. The result is a gospel service—Dylan style. Once again, he’s come up with something that isn’t like anything else; but Dylan just isn’t like anyone else.

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