Date: Friday 22nd March
Venue: St. James’ Church
Cost: €8.00
Time: 1.00pm
Format: Documentary Shorts

Ramón: Notes From A Beekeeper
Director, Writer, Producer: Hilary Kennedy

The film focuses on Ramón as he reflects on the future of our planet as a direct result of the gradual extinction of bees.
We follow Ramón as he moves around his environment tending to his bees and discussing his life’s work among these sentient beings.
The film is paired with a score by Garth Knox, which is both beautiful, to complement the captivating imagery, yet eerie, reminding the viewer of Ramón’s words of warning.
After all without bees life would soon disappear.

The Sheriff of Good Times
Director: Brad Hinkle
Producers: Robert Saidenberg, Kathryn Minogue

The Sheriff of Good times has been part of the Greenwich Village music scene since the early 60s. In this film, The Sheriff takes you on a Bluegrass journey from MacDougal Street and Washington Square Park to the late-night session in Alphabet City. Bluegrass music has a long history in New York and continues to attract young top-level players who bring fresh ideas to the traditional songs of Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs. The jam session provides a venue for musicians of all levels to play together and is an important part of sustaining this community of Goodtime pickers and singers.

Director: Hugh Rodgers
Producers: Zlata Filipovic, Anna Rodgers

As a young man from the Travelling community, Johnny Maughan always felt different. Growing up all around Ireland and the UK he experienced discrimination wherever he went – in every new school, in every town he was isolated and called names – a knacker, a pikey, a gypsy – and so he learned to stick with his own. But as Johnny got older, he began feeling different even within his own community and he started to realise he was gay.

Somebody, Somewhere, Who looks After Critters
Director, Writer: Sarah Ingersoll
Producers: Sarah Ingersoll, Joseph Ingersoll, Dave Leahy

Alex runs a one man animal sanctuary from his self-built cabin on the edge of the Beara peninsula in the southwest of Ireland. With no electricity and his only water provided by a hose attached to a distant neighbour’s house, Alex has eschewed modern conveniences in order to devote himself to injured animals.

The Estuary
Director: Carl Dixon
Producer: Colm Walsh

Short documentary about old fishing traditions on the estuary of the river Shannon which have been outlawed for the last decade. Three former fishermen (Mike, Matt and Henry) talk about the significance of the river to them and their traditional ways of life that have been taken away from them through government legislation.

You Can, You Cvn’t
Director: Bredan Toole

Danny Lim, better known in Sydney as “that sandwich board guy with the dog”, is an eccentric street corner icon who inspires and provokes with his own brand of artistic protest. Following his daily demonstrations ranging from women’s rights to climate action and gay marriage equality, this cheeky short documentary focusses on his legal battle for the freedom to call Australia’s Prime Minister a CVN’T.”

Shed Men
Director: Kirsty Conway
Producer: Louise Dolan

The shed in East Wall gives the local men a place to belong, a place to spend time together in male company, make friends and build a community of support and independence. The men in this documetary tell us about how the shed has made a difference in their lives and how it has helped them open up in a safe environment and talk about illness and issues that they would do at home or in their everyday lives.

Electricity customers will play a central role in the transition to an all-electric future. Only by understanding and responding to their needs and behaviours will it be possible to create the energy system of the future.  ESB Networks have chosen the Dingle Peninsula as the location for a highly innovative three-year project which will see the deployment of new technologies to assist us in understanding the development of a smart, resilient, low-carbon energy network of the future. This short video explains how we are going to do that.


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