Date: Friday 22nd March
Venue: St. James’ Church
Cost: €8.00
Time: 11.00am (81mins23secs)
Format: Shorts

Dalibor Matanic | Croatia | 2018 | 4 mins | Subtitled
On rights. Supported by European Commission Representation in Ireland

Time To Stand
Director: Patrick Maxwell
Writer: Marie Campbell
Producer: Joan Burney Keatings MBE

When Daniel’s bedroom window is smashed in by a rock during a violent hate crime, his attempt to stand up to bullying results in unexpected consequences.

Director: Cian O’Connor
Producer: Peter Kilmartin

A documentary film about the mortality behind photography and one man’s quest for self, actualisation through his identity within the LGBTQ community. In doing this, Paul Connell reveals more about who he is, than he could ever imagine.

What Betty Sees
Director, Writer, Producer: Colleen Forward

Belfast 1979, three sisters reluctantly agree to have their tealeaves read by their ill-fated aunt Betty. But the cups uncover more than they could have imagined, revealing trauma, dark futures, family secrets and unbelievable news. A true story of hopes and fears.

The Last Miner
Director, Writer and Producer: Luke Brabazon

The last man working in his father’s failing coal mine, Jim Power is faced with a difficult decision. Keep working the tunnels alone in the job he was brought up to do, or move on to an uncertain future?

Directors, Writers: Siofra Quinn Gates, Renate Canga
Producer: Renate Canga

A short film that puts emphasis on people who have recovered from a traumatic experience such as sexual assault and the recovery process itself featuring the voices of three women while showing visual representations on screen.

Director: Brendan McCallion
Writers: Brendan McCallion and Frank O’ Malley
Producer: Frank O’Malley

Looking after his sickly father in the depths of rural Ireland, Tommy has succumbed to a life of loneliness and isolation. Dylan, his older and more accomplished sister, has returned home to offer a solution that could give Tommy a chance to live the life he deserves. However, letting go of things is much more difficult than both had first imagined.

Director: Meg Elwood
Writer: Frank O’ Malley
Producer: Cristina Pulber

Animals are being hunted out and killed by humans who fear they are becoming too intelligent and now pose a threat to mankind. Huebert, using the guise of an ‘ANIMALS OUT’ officer, smuggles animals to safety. Dan, Huebert’s brother, who works for the ‘ANIMALS OUT’ task force, poses the biggest threat to Huebert as he grows suspicious of Huebert’s actions. Huebert put his life in danger when he finds a small fox cub, Jass, who is in need of rescuing. Hiding Jass away in his home right under the nose of Dan, Huebert must act fast if he is to find a safe place for Jass and keep his brother from finding his secret.


Electricity customers will play a central role in the transition to an all-electric future. Only by understanding and responding to their needs and behaviours will it be possible to create the energy system of the future.  ESB Networks have chosen the Dingle Peninsula as the location for a highly innovative three-year project which will see the deployment of new technologies to assist us in understanding the development of a smart, resilient, low-carbon energy network of the future. This short video explains how we are going to do that.

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