Date: Sunday 24th March
Venue: St. James’ Church
Cost: €8.00
Time: 1.00pm (89mins28secs)
Format: Shorts

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Voices Of Namhóg
Director: Warren Robertson

During the months of September and October 2018, artists and musicians from Nova Scotia, Ireland and Scotland came together in the village of Baddeck, Cape Breton to build two traditional Irish rowing boats called Naomhógs. True ambassadors of their culture and craft they brought their history and experiences to unite and reunite the Gaelic, Irish and Scottish music, dance and storytelling of the people and their homelands.​

Damned Peace
Director, Writer: Eoghan Hand
Producers: Eoghan Hand, Claire T Cassidy, Ian Kennelly

A ceasefire is called between two rival gangs. Everyone accepts the ceasefire except Denise an investigative journalist. She believes there’s more to the ceasefire than meets the eye. She finds her story but struggles with a dilemma. Truth or Peace?

Director/writer/producer: Mary Keane
Micheal O’ Muircheartaigh and others share their thoughts on full language immersion in the Muscraí Gaeltacht.

Tulaigh Bheag Woods
Director, Writer, Producer: Mark Riordan

A young girl is jogging in the woods…

Bridgets Inferno
Director, Writer: Joe O’Neill
Producers: Liam O’Brien, Ger O’Neill

Bridget, a misguided youth, is dragged into a chaotic misadventure involving a burnt-out bomb maker, a shady one-eyed criminal and her estranged father.

A Mist That Clears
Director: Shay Nolan
Writer: Cian Brady
Producer: Shay Nolan, Cian Brady, James Purcell, Rob Bais, Daragh Beeston

Philip & Eve face a career changing interview, but there’s more than just a job at stake.

A Walk In My Shoes
Director: Zoe Uí Fhaoláin Green

A dance film about friendship and trust, made with members of the Dingle Camphill Community

Nuns Beach Ballybunion
Director, Producer: John Ryle
Writer: John Ryle, Sr Maureen O’Sullivan

Narrated by Deirdire Walsh

Drone existing cave on Nuns Beach Ballybunion County Kerry capturing the surrounding area.



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