Date: Saturday 23rd March
Venue: Various
Cost: Free
Time: 12 - 4pm
Format: Situated at Holy Ground

Movie Memories
Movie Memories is a Creative Ireland/ UCC funded project that records cinema-going memories of those living in small towns, villages and rural areas of Cork/Kerry County from the 1940s to the present.

Dingle welcomes Movie Memories!
This is your opportunity to tell your stories from The Phoenix Cinema. Were you there on Friday July 13th for the opening weekend of films Kramer Vs. Kramer & The Empire Strikes Back?

Do you remember escaping to Technicolor worlds of romance and the exotic? Or riding the range with cowboys? Do you recall afternoons in the dark, quaking at the sight of monsters or swooning as the leading man enveloped his amour in a passionate embrace? Perhaps your memories are of a journey into space or excursions to Hobbiton?

“Movie Memories” seeks to preserve and celebrate the important contribution made by rural cinemas to community life and community spirit; the diverse experiences of moviegoers from all ages; and the shifts in patterns of distribution, exhibition and reception over the generations. It also seeks to involve communities and to bring to light the innovative efforts made to rejuvenate film culture, and the arts more generally, in rural areas.

We invite you to step into the memory booth and share with us your abiding memories of cinema-going.

Project Leaders: Gwenda Young, Dan O’Connell, Film and Screen Media, University College Cork.

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