Date: Sunday 24th March
Venue: The Phoenix Cinema
Cost: €10.00
Time: 2.30pm
Format: Feature Documentary

Written and directed by Treasa O’Brien
Executive Producer: Joshua Oppenheimer
Producers: Martha O’Neill and Treasa O’Brien
Cinematography: Gina Ferrer & Treasa O’Brien
Editor: Mirjam Strugalla

They say there are only two stories worth telling: a person goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town. This film is about a stranger who comes to make a film in the small town of Gort in the West of Ireland, and the people she meets when she holds auditions. Together, they go on a cinematic journey to explore their waking and dreaming lives. Featuring a cast of migrant workers, hippies, Travellers, blow-ins and newly arrived refugees, we are ushered into the private worlds of people living between two cultures, sharing their desires of longing and belonging.

“I’ve never been to bloody Ireland” recounts new age hippy Ralf from England.“I said to my girlfriend, ‘I’ll be back in three weeks.’ That was seventeen years ago. Do you think she’s still waiting for me? She must have boiled the kettle a thousand times.”

“I came from under the truck” says Hamid from Afghanistan. “I got off in Dublin and I asked someone “where am I?”

“I was the first Traveller in my family to complete the Leaving Cert,” says eighteen-year-old Chloe, “I don’t want to get married yet. I’ve my whole life ahead of me”.

The film will be introduced by it’s director


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