Date: Thursday 21st March
Venue: The Phoenix Cinema
Cost: €15.00
Time: 7.30pm
Format: Opening Film with reception

101 mins/UK/2018/Colour

Director: Tom Harper
Writer: Nicole Taylor
Producer: Faye Ward
Starring: Jessie Buckley, Julie Walters, Sophie Okonedo

Wild Rose tells the complicated story of Rose-Lynn. Played by BAFTA Rising Star nominee Jessie Buckley (Beast), Rose-Lynn is bursting with raw talent, charisma and cheek. Fresh out of jail and with two young kids, all she wants is to get out of Glasgow and make it as a country singer in Nashville. Her mum Marion, (Julie Walters), has had a bellyful of Rose-Lynn’s Nashville nonsense. Forced to take responsibility, Rose-Lynn gets a cleaning job, only to find an unlikely champion in the middle-class lady of the house (Sophie Okonedo).


“Irresistible…. In Jessie Buckley, a true star is born”  Tim Robey the Telegraph
“A Must-See. Funny, moving & brilliantly uplifting” Stylist
“A happy-sad drama of starstruck fever that lifts you up and sweeps you along, touching you down in a puddle of well-earned tears” Variety
“Pure dead gallus” (that’s Scots for ‘wonderful’). The bottom line (twitter) the Hollywood Reporter

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