“2017 was a wonderful year for the festival, and we greatly appreciated all of the help and effort from our amazing volunteers. You all are what makes the festival tick and we are so grateful for the team work we’ve had!”

Jeannie McGathland, Box Office Manager

Box Office

We’re looking forward to another fantastic year in 2019. If you are a returning volunteer we deeply appreciate your commitment and hard work from years past and are excited to have you on board once again for this crazy adventure. If this is your first time participating as a volunteer with Dingle IFF, welcome! It is a jam packed week that requires energy, concentration, and a ready and willing attitude, but always results in good friendships and memories.

Volunteers will be arriving into Dingle on Monday the 18th of March. It’s a commitment you’ve to make as once your assigned to jobs you’ve to stick to it. We run a tight ship here and it all runs smoothly in return.

The festival kicks off Thursday 21st of March but we meet before then to meet & greet each other & get the lowdown from Maurice. We allocate positions to the volunteers but it’s pretty straight forward.

Jobs for Volunteers

There are a lot of jobs for volunteers to be helping out with during the festival like:Social Media team for festival

  • Official Photographer and Videographer to the festival
  • Helping out at the Box Office
  • Ticket taking at all our screenings
  • Putting out flyers/posters around the town
  • Helping to set up the venues

Qualities we look for in a Volunteer

  • Good customer service skills
  • Must be up to date with relevant information about the festival
  • Teamwork skills
  • Photo and video skills (this is not a requirement for all volunteers but we are looking for them)

Benefits to being a Volunteer

  • Interacting with Filmmakers: If filmmaking is your passion you will have a great opportunity to meet up and coming filmmakers, along with our special guests that make an appearance at the festival.
  • Full Festival Access: You will get full access to any film you wish to see provided there is space available. You can choose to work on any project you wish during the festival.
  • Festival Merchandise
  • Access to Festival Clubs: Volunteers are able to enjoy the fun atmosphere of our Festival Clubs.
  • Dingle Experience: Can be a brilliant way to join our cinematic celebration while building up your festival experience, exploring Dingle town and making new connections and friendships – both whilst on the job and of course relaxing after a film at the Festival Club.


If you have any questions or queries you can contact Catherine Galway on catherine@dinglefilmfestival.com


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