Venue: St. James’ Church
Date: Friday 15th March
Time: 2.30pm
Cost: €6


Bleedin Rapid

Director: Etain McGuckian
Producer: Etain McGuckian & Clare O’Connor

Synopsis: Step inside Jude Hughes’ Rapid Alterations basement shop in Dublin and prepare not only to see clothes take on a new life after visiting his shop, but some of their owners reveal the memories they behold. We will hear tales from all walks of life, as customers lend Jude’s generous ear to discuss the rips and tears in their life beyond just the material. No stranger to a life less ordinary himself, we will also hear Jude’s story growing up as an orphaned Black child during the 1940s in Ireland’s institutions to go on to become a leading human rights activists from the 60s to 90s, and his hopes and dreams for Ireland’s multicultured future.

Buried in Light

Director: Siobhan Perry
Producer: Roisin Linnie

Synopsis: Buried in Light is a short experimental documentary dealing with a sense of space, death and memory. Tulach a’tSolais (Mound of Light) joins contemporary design with ancient burial traditions. The mound serves the local community as a memorial and artifact that brings together the past and present. The mound signifies the psychical representation of loss and death.

Fifty People One Question

Director: Kamil Krolak
One town…..
Fifty different people…..
One very difficult question….

For the Love of Letterpress

Director: Dara deFaoite,
Producers: Dara deFaoite and Deirdre White

Synopsis: For the Love of Letterpress beautifully captures the tactile world within Ireland’s few remaining letterpress print-works, and provides a rare insight into the motivations and passions of the people behind a craft that has experienced an unprecedented resurgence throughout Europe and the US in recent years.

Irish Folk Furniture


DIRECTOR: Tony Donoghue.
PRODUCER; Cathal Black.
WRITER: Tony Donoghue.
EDITOR: Ed Smith.
MUSIC: David Kitt.

SYNOPSIS: An animated documentary about repair and recycling in rural Ireland.

In rural Ireland old hand painted furniture is often associated with hard times, with poverty and with a time many would rather forget. Because of this association much of the country’s furniture heritage lies abandoned in barns and sheds.
In the making of this film 16 pieces of abandoned folk furniture were restored and returned back into daily use.

This film was shot in a green and environmentally friendly way using local craftspeople, local narrators and inexpensive secondhand equipment.
Only natural light was used to shoot this film.

Jeff Linares

Directed by Kamil Krolak
“I am giving them something personal…
Something meaningful…
Something that will stay with them forever…”
Jeff Linares

Long Way From Home

3mins44sec/2012/Ire/Super 8 Colour/Digibeta
Directed, shot & edited: Luke Sweetman.

Synopsis: The Hot Sprockets are a fantastic young Dublin band.  They play what they describe as ‘Country Dirt’. Last year the band lost one of their best friends –  Matt Nicastle. The Sprockets and some of their closest friends decided to take some time camping in order to remember what Matt meant to them.

Never Worn

7mins36sec/2012/Ireland/Colour & Black and White/DVD
Writer/Director: Neil O’Driscoll
Producer: Jamie Young

Synopsis: An impressionistic account of a young couple’s brief, impetuous marriage in the 1960’s, from hasty elopement to ill-considered pregnancy, as told by the woman in her later years.

Off the Board


Director: Siobhan Perry
Producer: Roisin Linnie

Synopsis: Off The Board is a short poetic documentary that uses the representation of diving to express the human condition’s relationship with fear. Fear lives innately in us yet remains an acutely personal experience. Through a highly stylized narrative Off The Board takes the divers experiences of fear and heightens them into a dramatic and poetic exposition of all fear.

What Remains

Writer and Director: Rachel Evans
Producer: Conor O’Doherty
Synopsis: Nessa’s memories of her late husband are intertwined with the home that they shared for most of their lives. Following a bad fall Nessa’s family have decided that she should move to a retirement village. However, having to part with all the reminders of the life she built with her family is harder than expected.

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