Venue: The Phoenix Cinema
Date: Monday 18th March
Time: 1.30pm
Cost: €6


Dingle features strongly in this selected programme, with each of the directors present, these three films each give a very different look at our small town, a close detailed look at one of the iconic pubs, an intimate portrait from the days of Ryan’s daughter and a good old bit of fun involving hard times and a robbery.

Foxy John’s

4mins/2012/Ire/English/Irish/Blu Ray
A Film by Lanka Haouche Perren

The film explore and portray the animated life and dual identity of Foxy John’s pub and hardware shop, in Dingle, Co. Kerry.

Rosie Ryan Rides Again

Director and Producer: Mick Daniels

The amazing story of Buddy ( Mickey ) O Toole’s career in the film industry which started by chance in London in 1949. In Sept 2012 he returned to Dingle Co, Kerry where 43 years previously he had worked on David Lean’s Academy award winning classic “ Ryans Daughter”. There he is reunited with some of his old friends from Dingle who also worked on the film. They visit some of the spectacular locations where the film was made. They recall their amazing and nostalgic stories from that special time. Buddy also goes on to describe his early life and some of his most memorable experiences during his time working in the industry. Coupled with amazing never seen before behind the scenes photographs and clips from the films he worked on. He vividly describes his often hilarious and always entertaining rollercoaster career spanning four decades.


14mins 3sec/2012/Ire/Colour/DVD
A Murt Mulcahy short film

SKINT is a humorous short film about two unlikely petty criminals trying to make ends meet in the west Kerry town of Dingle. Cass and Billy are evicted by their landlord and are forced to live in their van. Their bad luck continues when their dole money has been cut and they are under pressure to repay a dodgy debt collector. With no prospects in sight, they unwittingly decide to do whatever it takes to get the money. Cass and Billy seem to have no good luck and anyone struggling to pay the bills will empathise with their comical story.

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