Venue: St. James’ Church
Date: Monday March 18th
Time: 12noon
Cost: €10


With Dick Carruthers

Dick will give his insights into staging, lighting and documenting great rock musicians and their music.

Dingle International Film Festival are delighted to welcome to Dingle Dick Carruthers who will give a PRODUCTION TALK, discuss and break down shooting a live staged event. He will share his tips and tricks in shooting musicians live on stage for film, lighting a stage for a broadcast or filmed event.

Producer Michael Ryan will conduct the interview.
Producer and or Executive Producer of such films as PLANET 51, FIFTY DEAD MEN WALKING, THE ENGLISH PATIENT, THE GENERAL and more recently working on NEUROMANCER with Lorenzo di Bonavenura, THE JOB with Lucas Foster and BLOWBACK due in 2014. We are delighted to welcome Michael back to his second Dingle IFF.

Dick Carruthers is a director of concert films, documentaries and music videos.

Inspired In the early 90s by U2s Zoo TV, he became dedicated to the high optane mixing of live shots with playback and special effects in live concerts, pioneering what has now become the industry standard.

He toured with bands such as Take That and made acclaimed early concert films for Portishead and The Manic Street Preachers.

In 1995 he landed the job directing two Sold-Out nights in London’s Earls Court for an up-and-coming band named OASIS. This spawned a relationship that spanned fifteen years, encompassing nine tours, numerous live TV performances, their double BAFTA nominated documentary, and eleven music DVDs.

In 1997, after an introduction to Mick Jagger, Dick was employed by the Rolling Stones as their director and embarked on two World Tours with them, lasting two years though living ten in the process.

Since then he has gone on to produce and direct concert films for artists ranging from Aerosmith to the White Stripes, from Beyoncé to The Killers to The Who.

His work has been acclaimed and won many awards, including CADS, HEW and New York Festival awards, and three Bafta nominations.

His work with Led Zeppelin has delighted fans and critics around the word, firstly with 2003’s LED ZEPPELIN DVD – the best selling Music DVD of all time, and now with CELEBRATION DAY- the film of their one-off reunion concert in 2007.

“It should be like a theater play – it takes five minutes to get in, and the fourth wall disappears and you are just there. You’re absorbed by them, the performance, the music and that’s it,”

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