Venue: St. James’ Church
Date: Monday March 18th
Time: 4pm
Cost: €6


88min/2013/Ire/B&W with Colour/Blu Ray

A Conor Masterson FIlm in association with Plateau

Director/DOP/Editor/Producer: Conor Masterson
Executive Producer: Claire Leadbitter

In the Deep Shade is not a ‘definitive’ career spanning documentary of The Frames. Nor is it a fly-on-the-wall expose or an us-against-the-world hero saga. It is, simply put, a stark portrait of an extraordinary band, who have played together for over 20 years.

In the Deep Shade celebrates simplicity. No captions. No flash-cuts. No voiceover. With a photographer’s eye, poetic sensibility and painterly aesthetic, Masterson examines the ever-evolving relationship between five musicians who’ve known each other for many years. That’s the story, and in
its understated way, it’s an uncommon one.

“You have to double-up on any eye contact with this band. To use the old analogy of robbing a bank, it’s a tight operation and if you get it wrong somebody’s gonna get hurt.” Glen Hansard

“I was wary of making something that looked good but had no heart,” he concludes. “We are in an age when we’re all a little ADD from an intensely fast internet-orientated world. People see so much online and watch so many things in small chunks that it’s crazy. You can’t compete for that attention, so I tried to make a film that needs to be watched as a film. This is my first feature-length work, a film about old friends and their relationships as they make music. I felt if I could make a film that touched on those ideas, that looked good, featuring The Frames’ music, then it might be a nice piece of work.” Conor Masterson

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