Venue: St. James’ Church
Date: Saturday 16th March
Time: 10.30am
Cost: €6


All of Me

Director: Karen Muckian
Producer: Dominic Mealy

Synopsis: This is a film about Frances, who is a 56 year old identical twin who lost her twin sister Mary to cancer in 2004. For this very first time in her life, Frances is felt alone. This short film explores the concepts of grief, love and recovery through a bond that very few people can understand – the bond of identical twins.

Come What May

Directed by: Mathieu Bergeron & Maxime Feyers
Editing: Christopher Yates
Synopsis: Paul’s universe is turned upside down after a call from his wife, Lynne.


Director: Hannah Lamont
Holly Moynagh

Synopsis: During a post-exam party on Friday 13th June, Trinity graduate Chris Kirwan plummeted approximately 30 ft. down the side of a cliff face. He sustained multiple fractures of the skull, was induced into a coma and doctors feared for his survival. Four years on, Chris and his mother discuss that fateful night, for the first time together.

Going the Distance

Director: Deirdre Mullins
Producer: Bobby McCormack
Editor: Tristan Hutchinson

Synopsis: Going the Distance is an amusing and moving documentary about an eccentric man whose life has taken a turn in a way he didn’t expect. Maurice Mullins was once an ultra distance runner and is now battling with cancer. His disease has meant that he has lost his lifelong passion, but his determination to compete again in a sport that he loves drives him to face his darkest days with optimism and humour.

Grand Opening

PRODUCER: Bernie Grummell
PRODUCER: Liam O Mochain
EDITOR: Ciara Brophy

Synopsis: Paudge, a cranky Irish pub owner keeps redecorating his bar hoping to attract customers, but no matter how many grand openings he has, the locals stay away.



Director: Luke McManus
Writer: Matt Roche
Producer: AnneMarie Naughton

Synopsis: When friendly pensioner Tommy meets lonely widow Joan at a cake sale, it seems that romance is in the air. When Joan mentions her upcoming birthday and a fondness for homemade cake, Tommy has an idea.
But as Tommy walks home, he encounters a trio of teenage girls who are intent on making his life a living hell. Made to feel like a prisoner in his own home, Tommy is left with a tricky choice…

Jeremiah O’Dea

Director: Kimal Krollak
“Hand caring works of art is my key to the walled garden, my way down the rabbit hole, my looking glass, my chosen path, my inspiration. From the beginning the process of transforming Marmoleum into Artworks has struck me as magical…” Jeremiah O’ Dea

Motion Sickness

Directors: John McIlduff and Jessica Kennedy
Producer: Zlata Filipovic
Writers: John McIlduff and Jessica Kennedy
Editor: Conor McIvor
Music score: Denis Clohessy

Synopsis: A teenage marching band rehearses on a rooftop car park on a Saturday. A flock of crows lie dead in the wind. Three people sit in the back of a car waiting to move. Motion Sickness is a dance film exploring ideas of need, rejection and escape.

Pixelation Daydreams

Director, producer and writer: Oisín Reynolds, Thomas Brooks, John Kinsella, Juvern Leomel To-Ong

Synopsis: Man sits at a bus stop waiting for his bus. He drifts off while reading his movie magazine. In his dream he runs through his favorite movies, from Indiana Jones to Superman. All is shot in pixelation style. When he wakes, he has missed his bus.

The Fly Olympics

Story & Animated by: Adam Kemp

Synopsis: An athletic fly must land on a plate of food in the quickest time possible, while dodging the human hurdle defending the target.

The Orb

Kenny Leigh
Claire Dix

Synopsis: In a world where you can relive your memories, a Grandfather visits his deceased wife for the first and last time.

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