Venue: The Phoenix Cinema
Date: Saturday 16th March
Time: 1.30pm
Cost: €6
Reception and event sponsored by Soho House


This is why Soho House is committed to nurturing new industry talent via its short film competition – House Shorts. The competition is open to entrants from the UK, North America and Germany. Supported by Bombay Sapphire, BAFTA and The Hollywood Reporter, entrants were asked to submit a pitch of no more than 400 words based on the theme of ‘Imagination’ and set (and subsequently filmed) in one of the nine Soho House clubs. The winner was chosen by a panel of judges namely Christine Vachon, Oliver Berben, Jessica Chastain, Maike Mia Hohne, Sean Gray, Harvey Weinstein, Janice Min, Paul Greengrass, Joe Wright and Paul Haggis.

Hemingways – Andrew Coates – Soho House London

A Hemingway look-alike competition becomes a melee as each Hemingway thinks he’s more convincing than the next, chaos ensues.

Plongeur – Isabel Anderton – Babington House

Daniel (an ex-alcoholic) is working as a kitchen porter but he has big dreams.

No Imagination – Andrew Harrison – Soho House New York

You fall in love. But relationships are hard. Erika and her man argue about where they will go on holiday.

Moment of Clarity – James Fisher – High Road House

Wake up to a nightmare…
Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s work ‘Moment of Clarity’ is a contemporary thriller about a man who wakes up after a night out, not knowing where he is, who he’s laying next to and what dangers lurk in the room.

Shadow Boxer – Nic Alderton – Shoreditch House

A young man is embarrassed when his crush interrupts his martial arts horseplay; but has his imagination brought something dark to life?

Photo Finish – Jordan Summers – Soho House West Hollywood

A lonely man’s photo booth fantasy becomes a reality.

The Set Menu – Mark Hendrikx – Soho House Berlin

Upon being on a blind date, Leo imagines what his life could look like with the beautiful Claire sat opposite him. But will that scare him off?

The Canvas – David Yaffe – Soho Beach House

The Canvas is the story of a unique relationship between a painter and a young boy. With a canvas that can alter reality, the Painter attempts to draw the boy into his world. 

The Winner

House Cocktail – James Kibbey – Little House Mayfair

After his first short film made for the cost of a large pizza won 5 awards, James decided that there might be something of a career to be had in making films. Since then his film-making has seen him go on tour with Example, enjoy a 2 month residency at Alton Towers, deliver a short for the UK Film Council, shoot a documentary about wine in Argentina, and further work with brands such as Google, Adidas, and the Design Museum. James lives in London with over 8 million other people, and runs Black Shark Media with considerably less.

James Kibbey

Alison Meese, StudioCanal said of James’ House Short treatment:

‘It’s simple, funny and charming and you root for this guy to succeed!’

James will attend the screening along with Mandy Kean, Head of Film for the Soho House Group

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