Dingle International Film Festival wants your experience on film!

Fungi was first spotted in Dingle Bay in 1983. Since then he has captured the imagination of so many. Each day boat loads of people travel out to catch a glimse of this wonderful creature who somehow eminates joy to all who experience him.

In 2013, Dingle IFF wish to celebrate 30 years of Fungi with a worldwide call seeking people’s own personal experiences of seeing the dolphin. Perhaps you were on a boat trip or swimming with Fungi in the water; the festival are asking people in Ireland and all over the world to record their experience of Fungi and share it with us.

This is a unique call for a Gathering Event as it takes in so many aspects of humanity – the dolphin has given so many people a rainbow of experiences which range from humorous to spiritual. It is these unique experiences of joy and happiness that Dingle IFF want to share and celebrate for Fungi’s 30 years in the Bay.

So, simply sit in front of your computer and record; or have mum or dad or a friend capture you talk about when you met Fungi. Archive footage is also welcome. When you have your film captured, simply upload it to Vimeo or Youtube and email us the link to People can also include a short story of their experience, just 150 words or less in their email. By sending us the link of your film you are giving the festival full permission to use your film footage in our own promotion of this event.

The festival plans to put together a film compilation of the entries and this will be premiered at the next Dingle International Film Festival in St. James’ Church on St. Patrick’s morning 2013. The DVD of the film will also be available for sale during the festival. The full rights to the film will remain with Dingle International Film Festival.

Celebrating Fungi at the film festival The festival will also have a retrospective screening of ‘A Dolphin’s Gift’ which was produced by Victoria Cotton who now lives in Dingle as a result of making the film back in 1985. The film was directed by Kim Kindersley and narrated by John Hurt.

Further information relating to this press release, please contact;
Maurice Galway on 087 9139962 or email

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