Venue: St. James’ Church
Date: Sunday 16th March
Time: 4.30pm
Cost: €7


02: 43

Lugar de Producción / Place of production: Barcelona
/ Technical information
Director/Producer/Writer: Héctor Rull

2:43 a.m. An empty room. An unexpected calling.

Hour Between Dog and Wolf


Director, producer, writer, editing, sound: Abinadi Meza

This short fiction is made from found footage with an original script and sound design. It operates in an uncanny space between experimental and narrative film – exploring edges of memory, recognition, anonymity and repetition. It conjures the layered, immersive space of dreams. The point of view is a disembodied and wandering eye; a voice in the dark.

Retrovisor (Rearview)


5mins 56secs/2013/Colour/Digital

A Film By Alberto Lavín

Lucía and Álvaro have a relationship which is not enjoying the best of times. A car accident gives their lives a shake up, which won’t only affect their future, but also the perception of the past they had.



Director/Writer: Gerardo Herrero
Producers: Mintxo Diaz, Gerardo Herrero, Luis Herrero, Kurro González

Every forty seconds a person commits suicide in the world. The Acrobat is the story of one of them

The Adventures of a married couple


(Based on a story written by Italo Calvino)
Couples who are living together both work to make their ends meet. The man works night shifts from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. and the woman works during the day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. they have to work all week even on weekends and whenever one of them comes home the other should get ready to leave home. We follow them during the day at their workplace and home in short moments which they see each other there to capture their loneliness and agony. In the end, we see them in places where they are all alone (street, subway, and workplace).

The Fall


Cast: Man: Geert Van Rampelberg Woman: Natali Broods
Director/Producer/Writer: Kristof Hoornaert

A couple are on vacation with their car. They drive past green hills and small roads. Suddenly the man realises he has lost his way. They drive into a forest.
How thin is the layer veneer of civilization? A short about the loss of innocence.



Directed by Stuart Gillies
Produced by Laura Gregory, Fionn Groeger

Starring Rutger Hauer

Set in California, Rutger Hauer stars in ‘Turn’, a short film focusing on a man battling with reason and his soul. Married for 30yrs to a woman he loves, their marriage has become routine and cold. He loves her but knows he must break free to find himself and take his last chance. Without turning back he leave his home and wife asleep in bed heading into the unknown in his vintage car. His car is the only possession in his life that still makes him feel alive and free. He drives without a route, not knowing where he will land in search of himself. A chance encounter with a woman in a café on the road?
We will never know.
A new beginning.
A second chance.
A different end.

You & Me

Director/Producer/Writer/Composer: Rafa Russo

He wants to shoot a short film. She wants a dishwasher. This might be the last conversation they ever have… When he tells her that he wants to shoot a short film for a competition, she bursts his bubble with her objections. A big row ensues in which all the couple’s dirty laundry resurfaces… as well as some unexpected secrets.

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