Venue: St. James’ Church
Date: Sunday 16th March
Time: 3pm
Cost: €7


Destiny of the Dingle Train


A film by Murt Mulcahy

This is a fascinating documentary which investigates the less well known history of the Dingle Train from 1893 – 1956. It questions the motives behind what was ultimately a doomed enterprise from the beginning and sometimes disastrous effects it had on local communities, while at the time celebrating the positive aspects of the train. A definite must see for anyone who may think they have no interest in local Kerry history.

Secrets of The Hidden Valley

22mins 40secs/2013/Ireland/Colour/HD File

Filmed Written & Produced by James Pembroke, Assistant Camera/ Editor: David Pembroke, Sound: Martin Pembroke, Narrator: Bob Taylor

The wildlife of the hidden valley live a quite undisturbed life but a modern world is encroaching from all sides. We need to find a balance between green energy construction in wild places and a fragile eco system. We need to protect our wild places for future generations to come.

Waiting For You: An intimate and courageous film by director Lisa Fingleton.


A film by Lisa Fingleton

Five years ago we started trying to have a baby. As a lesbian couple living on a small farm in the West Coast of Ireland our options were limited. We recorded the highs and lows of our journey through journals, drawings and a video diary addressed to our much longed for baby. The video diary, recorded on various cameras including an iphone, was never meant for public screening. However over the last few the years we have met so many people on similar journeys, that we decided there might be some value, in sharing our story. Given all the warm feedback we have received so far, we feel this was the right decision.

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