Scríbheoir/Stiúrthóir: Denis Buckley, Léiritheoir: Ciarán Walsh, DOP: Colm Hogan, Editor: Tony Murphy, Cast: Marcus Lamb, Bríd Criomhthain, Naoise Mac Gearailt, Jeaicí Mac Gearailt, Nuala Mhic Gearailt

Synopsis of the Film
A solitary man in a room picks up faint sounds of language falling and raising through the long wave frequency of his transistor radio. His knowledge of this language serves to compound his exile while also allowing him imagine, albeit briefly, that he may now be so alone.

Shot in a continuous 10min take and featuring actor Marcus Lamb, the spoken voices heard are from Dingle’s Aisteóirí Bhréanainn.

“Táimse im’ Chodladh was my first moving image work developed solely from script and followed through to realisation. The panel’s trust in my vision was central. Too often a project’s early description has to be augured by comparison to what already exists and not by what is yet to be. The selection/pitching process allowed me to hone my idea without losing any originality or zest. The development thereafter revealed meanings I had not hitherto anticipated.

Being an uninterrupted 11min tracking shot, Táimse im’ Chodladh made full use of the support in kind equipment. This aspect of the award brought with it the standards required of a professional production. This professional standard is now, as a direct result of Físín, firmly embedded in my practice”.

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