16:05/Colour/ Ire/2013/Blu-ray
Stiúrthóir/Director: Paul Webster, Léiritheoir/Producer: Eamon de Staic

Synopsis of the Film
Téann Dáithí ar thaisteal go drogallach i measc na sléibhte chun seal a chaitheamh le Thadhg, fear dithreabhach nár bhuail sé leis riamh roimhe seo. Le linn an scéil nochtar dúinn cén fáth an bhfuil Dáithí anseo agus an méid cosúlachtaí atá idir an bheirt fhear.

David reluctantly travels to the mountain to spend time with Tadgh, a reclusive man he has never met before. Over the course of the story we discover why David has come here and what the two men have in common.

“The importance of the Físín award has been twofold, first of all, the prize fund made the production of the film possible, but equally invaluable was the support, guidance and encouragement that we received from the mentors and festival organisers. This was the first time that I pitched in front of a panel of industry professionals, it was nerve-wracking but it made me realise the importance of preparation for this kind of process. I have made many pitches since then and the experience with Físín has served me very well. Winning the award was a huge boost to my career and really helped to raise my profile as a writer and director which made it easier to get meetings with producers and broadcasters. Hearing my name called out on the closing night is definitely one of the highlights of my career. There is a picture taken directly after the announcement, and my smile just goes from ear to ear”.

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